The Early Bird Gets the Worm…Unless It’s Monday. Then It Gets Nothing.

It’s Monday after Easter, and there isn’t a soul out there happy with that fact. What does a work day after running all weekend feel like? It feels like, “forget this. Let’s get breakfast.”

Below is a candid of my friend, Nick, while we sat at the Early Bird diner. I’m usually taking photos of him. The death stare I got after this one was too good for words.DSCF5446

I was an avid DSLR user until I got my Fuji in the mail. I cannot get over how blue the sky looks through a Fuji.DSCF5476

The sky kept threatening to rain all afternoon. Instead it gave us a lovely sun set of orange, gold, and purple. I’m guessing it knew today was Monday after a holiday weekend, and didn’t feel great about it, either.DSCF5484

Branches conducting the clouds.DSCF5490DSCF5501


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