March for Science, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Droves of people filled the streets of downtown Ann Arbor, blocking every intersection that might lead me to a parking spot that might not be taken. Fifteen minutes later, I was parked on the outskirts of downtown, where the city didn’t deem it necessary to update the meters from the pre-digital age. After another ten minutes–and me digging far deeper into my cup holder than I had every wanted to go before–and I was on my way…only four or five city blocks to go. The event began in the Diag–the center of the University of Michigan campus–where a crowd of … Continue reading March for Science, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Early Bird Gets the Worm…Unless It’s Monday. Then It Gets Nothing.

It’s Monday after Easter, and there isn’t a soul out there happy with that fact. What does a work day after running all weekend feel like? It feels like, “forget this. Let’s get breakfast.” Below is a candid of my friend, Nick, while we sat at the Early Bird diner. I’m usually taking photos of him. The death stare I got after this one was too good for words. I was an avid DSLR user until I got my Fuji in the mail. I cannot get over how blue the sky looks through a Fuji. The sky kept threatening to … Continue reading The Early Bird Gets the Worm…Unless It’s Monday. Then It Gets Nothing.

Plymouth by Day and Woodhaven by Night

The flower that smell like a gas station bathroom are in full bloom.The Penn Theatre is currently playing Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Because it’s 1985, that’s why.Pull the flash filters off my La Sardina from Lomography.comZander showed Melissa and me what parkour looks like.B&W portraiture while we took a rest.One last flower for the night. Continue reading Plymouth by Day and Woodhaven by Night

Michigan Spring

Michigan. Spring. They don’t really go together, since Michigan doesn’t really have a spring. What we get is Winter, Winter 2: Son of a Storm; then full on, sweaty balls to the walls, black fly, West Nile virus summer. But every once in a while, we get a taste of what the rest of the world calls spring, and it’s usually wrapped in a lot of brown and cold. Still, it’s ours and we love it, because we’re Michiganians, and if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Shell and Mike came over with our first wedding … Continue reading Michigan Spring